Thursday, February 26, 2009

...the rest of the weekend

The baptism wasn't the only fun we had while Daideo and Mimi were here....

Tim and Diane arrived Saturday afternoon after the 50's Sock Hop birthday party. That first night they were here, they got a good dose of the girls. (Notice how Kaitlin is wearing her poodle skirt OVER her pajamas? Silly!!)
And, for sure ~ there's nothing like being serenaded from the top of the toy box!
After the girls were in bed, wii challenged our visitors to Wii Bowling! Wii noticed that they caught on quick and Diane even bowled 6 straight strikes and attained pro status while she was here. Wowza!
Wii really had a fun time at the "bowling alley" and are definitely looking forward to a wii-match.
Monday morning, we walked over to the playground. (This might've been Zoey's first trip down a slide!) Although it looks like Daddy got stuck halfway down, he didn't. wink Pictures, Images and Photos
And get a load of this tongue! SO stinkin' cute!
Later that day, we went to the Downtown Aquarium. As expected, we saw tons of fish ~ (even a tiger!) I was a little disappointed that there were no dolphins or whales, but I guess it's an aquarium, not the ocean. wink Pictures, Images and Photos


Dad and Diane said...

Fun time had by all. Love the special effects you added to the photos!

Melissa said...

Great pictures. Love the one of K doing her fish face. So is she wearing the poodle skirt everyday now?

tara said...

had you never been to the aquarium either?!?! it's one of my favorite places!!! love that face on zoey, it's so cute to see her expressions more and more now!