Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kung Fu Panda!

A ticket for the Tuesday matinee showing of Kung Fu Panda: $1.25

Order of chicken fingers and drinks: $13.00

Taking a child younger than two to a movie: Priceless

Today we took Kaitlin to a movie theater for the first time! Since she wasn't feeling well, we weren't sure what to expect. Either the experience would be a lot of fun, or a total disaster. We thought going to a movie at Cinema Grill was our best option. For $1.25 we wouldn't be upset if we had to leave half-way through the movie. Plus, Cinema Grill has highchairs, so we were able to strap her in for the show.

Overall, it worked out well. We ordered some drinks and chicken fingers and Kaitlin hung in until almost the end. Thankfully, no one seemed disturbed when she started looking around the theater and jabbering about what she saw.

Now if I could just get that song, "Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting.." out of my head....

Monday, July 28, 2008

As Requested....

I have received many requests for a picture of my baby-belly. I finally asked Brandon to take one Saturday afternoon. Peanut Lee is due September 4th ~ that is less than six weeks away! Time is flying by quickly and we're getting more and more excited as the day approaches! I've read that the baby normally gains a half-pound per week in these final weeks, so think of me and my built-in heat rock as you are out enjoying the beautiful 90-degree weather! :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Attacked Again!

This morning I was working inside when I heard a loud, piercing cry!

There was a lot of screaming and carrying on going upstairs, so naturally I ran as quick as I could to see what all the commotion was.

You'll never guess what happened...

ANOTHER bee sting!

Luckily this time Kaitlin was not the victim.... it was Brandon!

He was working outside when the angry bee landed on his hand.

It was our second bee attack in less than two weeks!

When Brandon finally calmed down and the tears stopped rolling (), Kaitlin and I helped him put "medicine" on his hand, and made sure he was okay.

To cheer up his mood and take his mind off the brutal attack, Kaitlin insisted that we take him to the swimming pool. She even insisted on swimming "by i-self" so as not to put any additional strain on Daddy's hand. (I think that was her intention, anyways....)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday Morning at KidSpree

We braved Denver's first 100 degree day since 2006 and took Kaitlin to KidSpree. It's a free outdoor festival for kids put on by the city of Aurora. (Yes, it was extremely hot, but we survived!)

As you can see, Kaitlin had a great time!

Saturday, July 19, 2008


A couple months ago I posted about Kaitlin pooping on the potty.
We bought her some potty chairs and thought maybe we were on our way, but unfortunately it's been all diapers since then. At one point, we ended up packing her potty chairs away because she just wanted to play with them.

A couple weeks ago we decided to pull them out and give the potty thing another shot. This time she's definitely showing some serious interest in the potty. She has been asking to sit on the potty (even though nothing happens) and insists on wiping, closing the lid, and flushing the toilet each time.

Tonight, I caught her just as she was starting to poop, and asked her if she wanted to go to the potty instead. Her usual response is "no", but tonight she surprised me and said "YES!" So, we rushed to the potty and she sat down and finished!!! After making a BIG ordeal about how exciting pooping in a potty is (chuckle, chuckle..) she insisted that we call Daddy - "and Grandma too" to share the good news.

I never knew how proud one small poop could make me feel.
♥ I love being a mommy ♥

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Today we spent the morning at the community pool! Kaitlin had soooooooo much fun!
She loved her water-wings and also her boat! My favorite part was when she went under water and came back up and said she saw some fish! Photobucket

Monday, July 14, 2008

We've Been Busy

Kaitlin has been busy growing teeth!
Within the last couple weeks, THREE new teeth broke through. (That makes 15 teeth total.) I'm still deciding if teething is harder on us or her. New teeth = cranky Kaitlin!
But, now that the teeth have come in, life is getting back to normal. She's eating again and has eased up on the craziness. Believe me ~ a hungry, upset toddler is not fun!

Brandon and I have been busy preparing for Peanut Lee!
On Sunday, we attended a 5-hour childbirth education class. Since it was a "refresher" course, all the couples already had at least one child at home. As expected, the class covered lots of breathing and relaxation techniques. They talked about introducing the new baby to the older siblings and even had a VBAC discussion for me and a couple other mommies. It was a good excuse for me and Brandon to get away for five hours and sparked lots of thoughts and ideas for us to discuss before the big day.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008



Today was the day ~ Kaitlin's first official BEE STING!

Kaitlin was playing outside, just out of sight, when I heard her start crying. I went over to see what was wrong and she pointed to her hand and cried, "BEE!" I could tell right away that she had been stung. We rushed inside and after some standard Kaitlin drama, she let us put some "medicine" (baking soda paste) on her hand. To my surprise, she held her hand still for five full minutes!

After we washed the "medicine" off and gave her a bandaid, life was good again. The swelling went down after just a few hours, but she talked the rest of the day about "The Bee."

I suppose no kid makes it through childhood without a bee sting.... and when you're as sweet as Kaitlin, it's pretty much inevitable... ;)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

What a Difference a Year Makes!

I found a picture of Kaitlin on July 4th, 2007.....

....and a picture of Kaitlin on July 4th, 2008.

Isn't it amazing what a difference a year makes?!

I hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th of July!