Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Attacked Again!

This morning I was working inside when I heard a loud, piercing cry!

There was a lot of screaming and carrying on going upstairs, so naturally I ran as quick as I could to see what all the commotion was.

You'll never guess what happened...

ANOTHER bee sting!

Luckily this time Kaitlin was not the victim.... it was Brandon!

He was working outside when the angry bee landed on his hand.

It was our second bee attack in less than two weeks!

When Brandon finally calmed down and the tears stopped rolling (), Kaitlin and I helped him put "medicine" on his hand, and made sure he was okay.

To cheer up his mood and take his mind off the brutal attack, Kaitlin insisted that we take him to the swimming pool. She even insisted on swimming "by i-self" so as not to put any additional strain on Daddy's hand. (I think that was her intention, anyways....)

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Dad and Diane said...

What a loving daughter! According to the news, there is a bee shortage. We'll have to tell them they've moved to CO.