Wednesday, July 9, 2008



Today was the day ~ Kaitlin's first official BEE STING!

Kaitlin was playing outside, just out of sight, when I heard her start crying. I went over to see what was wrong and she pointed to her hand and cried, "BEE!" I could tell right away that she had been stung. We rushed inside and after some standard Kaitlin drama, she let us put some "medicine" (baking soda paste) on her hand. To my surprise, she held her hand still for five full minutes!

After we washed the "medicine" off and gave her a bandaid, life was good again. The swelling went down after just a few hours, but she talked the rest of the day about "The Bee."

I suppose no kid makes it through childhood without a bee sting.... and when you're as sweet as Kaitlin, it's pretty much inevitable... ;)


mom! said...

OH MY! What a poor, pitiful little girl! The picture is just so captures the "drama" of the bee sting! Please give her a kiss on her boo-boo bee sting from Gran Pam!

mom! said...

Kiss from Hawkster, too!

mcgee family said...

ohhh...poor thing! it was definitely because she is so sweet! the bee just couldn't resist! :)