Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Weekend

We had a fun-filled Halloween weekend!
The fun started Wednesday night and continued all weekend.

This is a picture of the girls before we went to Halloween Storytime & trick or treat at the library Wednesday night. The girls LOVE storytime and were so excited to be able to wear their costumes.
On Friday afternoon, we took the girls to University Hospital's annual Boo Bash. Since both Dad and Brandon work at the hospital, it's an especially fun event for everyone. We got to see Grandpa's cubicle and Brandon's cubicle! It's always fun to see where your favorite people spend 40+ hours a week! ;)

On Saturday night, our friends,the Joneses threw a fun Halloween party! Here we are all dressed up! Cute, right!?
Here's a cute picture of all the girls.
We (the moms) all went to High School together, and now we all have little girls who LOVE playing together! So fun!
On Halloween, we went to Grandma and Grandpa Nincey's house for trick or treating. Grandpa loves showing off his cuties to his neighbor friends. ;)
The weather was perfect so we actually trick or treated for a long time! The girls learned which houses to look for (a lit porch light) and were really good at using their manners.
We like the houses where they really get into the spirit. This one scared Zoey a little. See her clinging to me?? Haha! After this house, every house was "Booky!" (Spooky) Halloween is so much fun. :)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fall Festival

I guess we haven't had our fill of pumpkin activities yet.

Last Sunday we decided to attend the neighborhood Fall Festival. It started at 2pm ~ the same time as the Broncos/Jets game, so it was definitely a sacrifice on Brandon's part.... but thankfully technology (DVR) allowed us to go!

It was held at a park just around the corner from our house.

They had pumpkin decorating for the kids.....
The final product:
(Look, Z & K almost have the same exact expression! haha!)
(and yes, Kaitlin's GIRL pumpkin has EYELASHES. That's what those blue feathers are. hehe!)

They had PONY rides for the kids, too!

Our favorite punkins:

Kaitlin found her little friend Lilia from preschool, so they played together on the playground while we waited in line for the horse-drawn wagon ride.

The driver let Kaitlin ride up front with him!
The wagon ride took us around the block and actually right past our house!

When we got home, the girls saw the wagon coming up the street and stopped to wave as they went by.

It was definitely a fun afternoon and we're glad we went. Unfortunately, it wasn't such a good afternoon for the Broncos... but that's a different story. ;)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Pumpkin Farm 2010

Last Saturday we made our annual trip to Anderson Farms with our friends Tara, Bronwyn and Hayden and the rest of their family. It was beautiful weather and a fun day! Here are some of the pictures we took ~

Brandon and the girls:

Riding the Barrel Train:
(Look at Brandon and Zoey squished into the car! Hahaha!)
Bronwyn and Kaitlin running to the next fun thing!
Checking out the Llamas:
Feeding the goats:
Navigating the maze with best-friend Bronwyn:
Milking the fake cow:
The three girls swinging in the tire swing:
On the ride out to the pumpkin patch we get to stop and feed the cows "candy".
The cow tongues freak the kids out! So funny! :)
Searching for "the perfect pumpkin":
Found it!
The Carnahans:
That'll be $12, ma'am. If it wasn't for Brandon, we'd still be lost in the corn maze. ;)
A fun time was had by all, and we are looking forward to next year's trip already!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Operation Toddler Bed ~ Take Two

We decided it was (waaaaay past) time to revisit Operation Toddler Bed.
Zoey is loving the new "big girl" bed! She has adjusted perfectly. Kaitlin even promised to check on her nightly. ;)

We're working on plans for the next bed, too. We're thinking bunk beds....???

Kaitlin's First Field Trip! ♥

I was able to take Kaitlin to her first preschool field trip last week. Her preschool class went to Tagawa Gardens for a Pumpkin festival. Zoey spent the day with Grandma, so after the field trip Kaitlin and I had "Mommy&Kaitlin" day. (Agenda: Lunch, Movie, Playground.)
Here are some pictures from the field trip!

Standing in front of one of the Fairy Gardens:

Bean Bag Toss:

Exiting the bouncy house:

Decorating her pumpkin ~ look at that concentration!:
The completed pumpkin:
Each kid planted a Petunia and learned the difference between "dirt" and "soil":
And so many photo ops! ;)

Next month, the class is going to an urban farm!