Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Weekend

We had a fun-filled Halloween weekend!
The fun started Wednesday night and continued all weekend.

This is a picture of the girls before we went to Halloween Storytime & trick or treat at the library Wednesday night. The girls LOVE storytime and were so excited to be able to wear their costumes.
On Friday afternoon, we took the girls to University Hospital's annual Boo Bash. Since both Dad and Brandon work at the hospital, it's an especially fun event for everyone. We got to see Grandpa's cubicle and Brandon's cubicle! It's always fun to see where your favorite people spend 40+ hours a week! ;)

On Saturday night, our friends,the Joneses threw a fun Halloween party! Here we are all dressed up! Cute, right!?
Here's a cute picture of all the girls.
We (the moms) all went to High School together, and now we all have little girls who LOVE playing together! So fun!
On Halloween, we went to Grandma and Grandpa Nincey's house for trick or treating. Grandpa loves showing off his cuties to his neighbor friends. ;)
The weather was perfect so we actually trick or treated for a long time! The girls learned which houses to look for (a lit porch light) and were really good at using their manners.
We like the houses where they really get into the spirit. This one scared Zoey a little. See her clinging to me?? Haha! After this house, every house was "Booky!" (Spooky) Halloween is so much fun. :)


Dad and Diane said...

Quite a week or two ....lots of events. It is great to be able to be outside doing things, no?? The girls look really cute. There is a 'princess' base to all looks. You and Brandon look 'booky.' Glad everyone had fun. I was hoping the door bell would ring last night and the girls would be there when we answered. That would have been a great trick and a real treat.

mom! said...

awesome pics! now i know why brandon has the goatee! the girls look sooo adorable in their costumes and the family pic should be the christmas card this year! thanks for sharing!

tara said...

lots of fun! loved all of your costumes!!!