Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fall Festival

I guess we haven't had our fill of pumpkin activities yet.

Last Sunday we decided to attend the neighborhood Fall Festival. It started at 2pm ~ the same time as the Broncos/Jets game, so it was definitely a sacrifice on Brandon's part.... but thankfully technology (DVR) allowed us to go!

It was held at a park just around the corner from our house.

They had pumpkin decorating for the kids.....
The final product:
(Look, Z & K almost have the same exact expression! haha!)
(and yes, Kaitlin's GIRL pumpkin has EYELASHES. That's what those blue feathers are. hehe!)

They had PONY rides for the kids, too!

Our favorite punkins:

Kaitlin found her little friend Lilia from preschool, so they played together on the playground while we waited in line for the horse-drawn wagon ride.

The driver let Kaitlin ride up front with him!
The wagon ride took us around the block and actually right past our house!

When we got home, the girls saw the wagon coming up the street and stopped to wave as they went by.

It was definitely a fun afternoon and we're glad we went. Unfortunately, it wasn't such a good afternoon for the Broncos... but that's a different story. ;)


mom! said...

J-E-T-S...JETS! (Sorry Jo!) But I did see a great picture of you, Barb! Training the kids to start taking pictures? Now maybe we'll see more of you, too! Looks like another fun-filled afternoon for the kids...wish we could hsve been there!

tara said...

that looked like fun! i love that your neighborhood does so much stuff!

Dad and Diane said...

Nice job by the neighborhood. The girls are getting a lot of fun Holloween experiences -- nice memories there. Still a few more days to go and then the big night. Anxious to see the costumes!