Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pumpkinfest 2010

On Saturday, we went to a Pumpkinfest with Michael, Angelina and RJ.

A local farm hosts a yearly pumpkin launch and other fun activities. It was the first time we've been to a pumpkin launch. If you've never been to one, it's definitely a must-see event. Some of those launchers really shoot those pumpkins FAR!

After checking out a couple rounds of the launch, we spent some time picking out a "perfect pumpkin" in the pumpkin patch, then the kids got arm-paintings.
If it wasn't so windy, we probably would have stayed longer to make scarecrows, do a craft, or maybe even launch a pumpkin ourselves.

This is a picture of Kaitlin getting her "Free Ear-Cleaning".

Here are some pictures of the kids waiting for the pumpkins to be launched.

If you look in the background behind Zoey, you can see some of the pumpkin launchers. There were 10 launching teams and they took turns shooting pumpkins across a huge field. They had targets to hit and won points based on the targets and how far the pumpkins went. It was really fun to watch!

Here is a picture of the kids at the "Pumpkin Patch".

It was hard to decide which pumpkin was the most perfect!
And, of course, I HAD to take a picture of the cutest punkin in the patch. ;)
The next picture depicts what you could call the "Great Pumpkin Debate."
Which sits the nicest? Which would make the best Jack o' Lantern? Which has the fewest blemishes? It just goes on and on... and when you've found "The Perfect Pumpkin," you start walking toward the exit and find one more that might be even more perfect, and the debate begins again....
This is the butterfly arm-painting that Kaitlin chose: We really had a good time. And, being with family always makes it that much sweeter. ♥

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