Sunday, October 17, 2010

Operation Toddler Bed ~ Take Two

We decided it was (waaaaay past) time to revisit Operation Toddler Bed.
Zoey is loving the new "big girl" bed! She has adjusted perfectly. Kaitlin even promised to check on her nightly. ;)

We're working on plans for the next bed, too. We're thinking bunk beds....???


mom/gramma pam! said...

is that in order to make room for the pitter-patter of more little feet? (i'm thinking about my own, i don't want to get yelled at here!) love the big girl pics! the both are so cute when the sleep (and when they're awake!) miss everyone...

Dad and Diane said...

Bunk beds are very cool and the kids really liked them at the beach house. Kaitlin is top bunk kind-of-girl. Zoey will get there soon!!!