Monday, April 28, 2008

A Quick Update!

Kaitlin's love of digging in the dirt prompted us to buy her a new sand table!
Brandon put it together for her the other day and we got a couple pictures of her playing in it for the first time.

She absolutely loves it! We told her she had to keep the sand IN the box instead of on the deck, and so far, she's actually been pretty good about it!

In other "Carnahan" news...

Not to brag but we were VERY impressed tonight when Kaitlin counted from 3 to 12 perfectly! We were on a walk, and Kaitlin was looking at a book. I asked her to count the toys she saw in the picture and after getting mixed up on "one, two" she started, "three, four, five......." all the way to twelve!! We were SPEECHLESS! We read to her a lot (I mean A LOT) and talk to her about numbers and colors all the time, but I had no idea she could actually say all those numbers in order! It will probably be a while before she does it again, but I'm glad Brandon was with me to witness it! I wish I had my video camera handy... but of course things like that happen when you least expect them.

Also, after having so much fun on the March of Dimes - March for Babies walk last weekend, my friend Tara and I decided to sign up for the upcoming National MS Society Walk. By upcoming, I mean THIS SATURDAY!
TWO charity walks in seven days!? I still haven't decided if we're crazy or just really motivated. But, we both like walking and walking for charity is a win-win situation. Obviously we didn't give ourselves a whole lot of time to raise money for the walk, but we figure something is better than nothing. We've already raised $30. If you're interested in donating online, you can click here: National MS Society Walk ~ May 3rd

As I write this, Brandon is watching the Avalache vs Red Wings playoff game. I'm not paying much attention, but he's doing a lot of cussing and screaming at the tv... it doesn't sound like it's going his way. Heehee...
Brandon has been keeping close tabs on the NFL draft. He said he's optimistic about the Broncos' draft picks. He mentioned tonight that our baby is due on Sept 4th, and the NFL season starts on the 6th, so he keeping his fingers crossed that he won't miss any games. He also asked if we could name the baby "Bronco"....... umm, no!! Hahaha!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Team Kaleb ~ March For Babies

Yay! One more item to mark off the bucket list.... a 10K charity walk!
We had so much fun walking with Team Kaleb!
Team Picture (L to R): Rachel, Tara, Lisa (Kaleb's aunt), Me, Brandon, Ruth (Kaleb's grandma), Margaret, Monte (Kaleb's grandpa), Chris and Daniyelle (Kaleb's parents). *not pictured: April and Nik (Kaleb's Aunt/Uncle)

Baby Kaleb is my good friend Lisa's nephew who was born at 28 weeks. He's doing really well now, but struggled in the beginning. Since I'm currently only 21 weeks pregnant, it's really scary to think of babies being born so prematurely. The pictures you see and the stories you hear of these babies overcoming the odds are so amazing! We were so proud to be walking with so many people for such a worthy cause.

Brandon and I went to lunch after the walk and I asked if he wanted to see the pictures I took. When he got a hold of the camera, he exclaimed, "You took EIGHTY-SEVEN pictures!?"

Yeah, I guess I did...smiley blush
I promise I won't bore you with ALL of them... but here's a few...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The wagon, the zoo, and the baby...

The weather was absolutely beautiful on Tuesday!
We thought it would be fun to celebrate Earth Day at the Botanical Gardens since they were having a free admission day. But, apparently, the entire city of Denver had the same idea. When we got to the Botanical Gardens, there were lines and lines of cars waiting to park. All the nearby street parking was taken and there were crowds of people walking towards the facility. After a few insane minutes of looking for somewhere to park, we came to our senses and realized that we needed to find something else to do. That's when we drove home to eat lunch and assemble our new wagon!

After all that hard work of putting the wagon together, we thought we should take it for a spin at the Denver Zoo! Kaitlin kept telling us about the animals we were going to see. She said we would be seeing elephants, giraffes, monkeys and alligators! I wasn't sure she understood what the "zoo" was, but she proved me wrong.

Here are some pictures we took at the zoo:

....and my personal favorite:

Tuesday was also our official ultrasound at my doctor's office. We got to see the baby moving around! This ultrasound also confirmed that Peanut is a girl. I must say that the ultrasound pictures she gave us are not as good as the ones my friend George does, but for what it's worth........

The first one is Peanut with her chin tucked in ~ (maybe flipping us off? hahaha!)

The second picture is Peanut's profile with her hand by her nose:
Here's Peanut profile with her hand in her mouth..... awwwww...... can you see her little spine??
So, all in all, Tuesday was a great day! We enjoyed our new wagon, we had a fun time at the zoo, and we got a sneak peak at our little baby.

Life doesn't get any better than this. :-)

Monday, April 21, 2008

"Shopping" at The Library

Tonight we took Kaitlin to the library for the first time! I'm not sure why we haven't taken her before, but we'll definitely be going back very soon. She had such a fun time! I think she was in heaven with so many books to look at!

When we walked into the library, she said, "More shopping? Books!" We had to let her know that we were at the library and it was time to be quiet. Luckily, the children's area is behind closed doors.... (they must have known we were coming! hahaha!)

We spent a lot of time asking her to pick just one book at a time. She wanted to pile ALL of them on her table!

Here are some pictures of our little book worm:

I'm really excited that we have a new place to take Kaitlin!Happy

Helping With Yard Work

It's no secret that we have a big yard.
(Too big, really.)
Luckily for us, this year we have a helping hand!

We spent quite a bit of time in the front yard this weekend doing some "spring cleaning." We did a lot of raking and a lot of tree trimming. I think we ended up with twelve bags of yard debris and a huge stack of bundled branches. (The garbage men are going to love us tomorrow morning!)

It's nice that Kaitlin is old enough to play by herself in the yard now. Last summer she needed a lot more supervision since she was just crawling and putting everything in her mouth. That made it hard to get the work done. (I guess we don't have that excuse this year... oh well...)

Here are a couple pictures of Kaitlin (and Charlie!) "helping" with the yard work Saturday morning:

I think Charlie helped the most.wink

Friday, April 18, 2008


This morning Kaitlin found an umbrella in the coat closet! I know opening it in the house will bring me bad luck, but how could I not let her play with it?!

(P.S. We NEVER let her run around in her diaper, but for some reason, she refused to keep her pajama pants on today... silly girl... at least she didn't refuse her diaper! hahaha!)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Thanks, Lisa!

Check out Kaitlin's new ride!

My good friend Lisa loaned us this cute red push car to use for Kaitlin! We've been looking for a way to keep Kaitlin entertained at the dog park. This year she's too big to sit in the backpack and the stroller is just too boring for her. When we're not in a rush, we let her walk. But, you can imagine how looooooong the walk becomes when she insists on picking up every stick on the ground and examining each plant and rock that we pass.

We had beautiful weather today, so we took Kaitlin and Charlie to the dog park this morning. To our surprise, Kaitlin stayed in the car the ENTIRE time! Even by the end of the walk, it seemed like she could have went longer. Maybe it was the novelty of the new ride... or maybe it was the answer we've been looking for. I hope it's the answer because we really like going to the dog park!!

Anyways, thanks Lisa! So far, so good!! Thumbs up smiley

March of Dimes ~ March for Babies

We have just a few more days to finish collecting donations for the March for Babies walk that we are participating in on April 26th. A big thanks to everyone who has already donated to this cause! Brandon and I are looking forward to participating in our first 10k together! We'll be walking with a group of friends so I'm sure it will be a lot of fun!

Click on one of the links below to donate!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

At The Playground!

This morning, Brandon and I went for a walk and took Kaitlin to a neighborhood playground. It was a chilly morning, but there's nothing like a brisk walk to warm ya up!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

It's Official!


I'm no professional, but supposedly, this is the picture that proves it:

I'm so excited to be the mommy of two girls! One girl is so great ~ I can only imagine that two will bring double the joy! (or maybe double the trouble?!?)

Here is a cute picture of the baby's face:

We're still completely undecided on names. Luckily, we still have more than four months to come up with something great!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Scroll to the Bottom!

Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the winner of the Pregnancy Ticker contest! A big thanks to everyone who voted! smiley

Monday, April 7, 2008

We're Finding Out!

We have a tenative ultrasound appointment scheduled for Tuesday the 8th with my friend George! If all goes as planned, we will know by the end of the day if we are having a boy or a girl. As of today, I'm hoping for a girl, and Brandon is still hoping for a boy.


Stay tuned.........

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Kaitlin's Masterpiece!

I thought I would share a picture that Kaitlin drew tonight.
As she colored, we practiced colors, and she pointed out the "eggs" that she drew and the "bees" and "cats." You can see those too, right?! rofl