Monday, April 28, 2008

A Quick Update!

Kaitlin's love of digging in the dirt prompted us to buy her a new sand table!
Brandon put it together for her the other day and we got a couple pictures of her playing in it for the first time.

She absolutely loves it! We told her she had to keep the sand IN the box instead of on the deck, and so far, she's actually been pretty good about it!

In other "Carnahan" news...

Not to brag but we were VERY impressed tonight when Kaitlin counted from 3 to 12 perfectly! We were on a walk, and Kaitlin was looking at a book. I asked her to count the toys she saw in the picture and after getting mixed up on "one, two" she started, "three, four, five......." all the way to twelve!! We were SPEECHLESS! We read to her a lot (I mean A LOT) and talk to her about numbers and colors all the time, but I had no idea she could actually say all those numbers in order! It will probably be a while before she does it again, but I'm glad Brandon was with me to witness it! I wish I had my video camera handy... but of course things like that happen when you least expect them.

Also, after having so much fun on the March of Dimes - March for Babies walk last weekend, my friend Tara and I decided to sign up for the upcoming National MS Society Walk. By upcoming, I mean THIS SATURDAY!
TWO charity walks in seven days!? I still haven't decided if we're crazy or just really motivated. But, we both like walking and walking for charity is a win-win situation. Obviously we didn't give ourselves a whole lot of time to raise money for the walk, but we figure something is better than nothing. We've already raised $30. If you're interested in donating online, you can click here: National MS Society Walk ~ May 3rd

As I write this, Brandon is watching the Avalache vs Red Wings playoff game. I'm not paying much attention, but he's doing a lot of cussing and screaming at the tv... it doesn't sound like it's going his way. Heehee...
Brandon has been keeping close tabs on the NFL draft. He said he's optimistic about the Broncos' draft picks. He mentioned tonight that our baby is due on Sept 4th, and the NFL season starts on the 6th, so he keeping his fingers crossed that he won't miss any games. He also asked if we could name the baby "Bronco"....... umm, no!! Hahaha!!


mom! said...

hmmm, Bronco Carnahan does have a certain ring to it! And for decorating ideas, HER room could be orange and blue. With a name like that, she had better learn to play football!

Beth said...

Word to the wise, better lid that sandbox table, unless you want the neighborhood outdoor cats utilizing little Kaitlin's box for a great place to "go".

That's great about counting to 12! At only a year and a half... you have a little prodigy! :-)

mcgee family said...

Counting?!? awwww....Isn't it funny how they just catch you off guard with their amazing new talents?

Diane & Tim said...

Lot's going on for you guys over the past week. Looks like the walk was a success on many fronts. Kailin counting is fantastic. Hopefully she will not combine the counting with the sandbox. Counting the sand could take her through high school graduation. She is getting so big!