Friday, April 11, 2008

It's Official!


I'm no professional, but supposedly, this is the picture that proves it:

I'm so excited to be the mommy of two girls! One girl is so great ~ I can only imagine that two will bring double the joy! (or maybe double the trouble?!?)

Here is a cute picture of the baby's face:

We're still completely undecided on names. Luckily, we still have more than four months to come up with something great!


Beth said...

That is just so awesome, Barb! I always felt deprived growing up without a sister, so I think Kaitlin and 'Peanut' will just LOVE having each other (eventually)! :-)

tara said...

omg! that second picture is incredible! so little and yet so visible! not sure about seeing anything in the first though... but i think i see a hidden image... i'll have to show you!

Kanda said...

This is great! I knew it! I'm so glad you are having another one...Congratulations to you and Brandon!