Monday, April 21, 2008

"Shopping" at The Library

Tonight we took Kaitlin to the library for the first time! I'm not sure why we haven't taken her before, but we'll definitely be going back very soon. She had such a fun time! I think she was in heaven with so many books to look at!

When we walked into the library, she said, "More shopping? Books!" We had to let her know that we were at the library and it was time to be quiet. Luckily, the children's area is behind closed doors.... (they must have known we were coming! hahaha!)

We spent a lot of time asking her to pick just one book at a time. She wanted to pile ALL of them on her table!

Here are some pictures of our little book worm:

I'm really excited that we have a new place to take Kaitlin!Happy

1 comment:

tara said...

very cute! look at all those new books you don't have to pay for... or add to the rest of the clutter!