Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hey Smarties!

MOST of you got it right ~ the number of calories you must burn in order to lose one pound is 3500! This question was actually a question from The Biggest Loser last week.

If you guessed 3500 calories ~ HOORAY for you! I apologize for not having any fabulous prizes to give away, but here's a virtual pat-on-the-back. Just relish in the fact that you are one of the smarties that visits our blog!

And, for those of you that didn't vote ~ don't be shy! These polls are just for fun! All it takes is a quick click of your mouse.

1 comment:

mom! said...

Hooray for me! I guessed 3,500, but I'm not feeling too smart! Someone "fooled" me on April 1st, you little smartie-pants, you! Give daddy and babies a kiss for me! (And one for you, too, of course.)