Saturday, April 26, 2008

Team Kaleb ~ March For Babies

Yay! One more item to mark off the bucket list.... a 10K charity walk!
We had so much fun walking with Team Kaleb!
Team Picture (L to R): Rachel, Tara, Lisa (Kaleb's aunt), Me, Brandon, Ruth (Kaleb's grandma), Margaret, Monte (Kaleb's grandpa), Chris and Daniyelle (Kaleb's parents). *not pictured: April and Nik (Kaleb's Aunt/Uncle)

Baby Kaleb is my good friend Lisa's nephew who was born at 28 weeks. He's doing really well now, but struggled in the beginning. Since I'm currently only 21 weeks pregnant, it's really scary to think of babies being born so prematurely. The pictures you see and the stories you hear of these babies overcoming the odds are so amazing! We were so proud to be walking with so many people for such a worthy cause.

Brandon and I went to lunch after the walk and I asked if he wanted to see the pictures I took. When he got a hold of the camera, he exclaimed, "You took EIGHTY-SEVEN pictures!?"

Yeah, I guess I did...smiley blush
I promise I won't bore you with ALL of them... but here's a few...


mcgee family said...

Lol! 87 pictures. I thought I was bad with my 50 something! Fun times though....we need to document it! It is not everyday that we take part in a 10k charity walk, right?! & hey- thanks again to you and Brandon for doing this with us!

tara said...

great pictures!!! i want to steal some...

way to go! and you and brandon made the finish first! i did see you running the last block by the way! go team kaleb!!!