Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The wagon, the zoo, and the baby...

The weather was absolutely beautiful on Tuesday!
We thought it would be fun to celebrate Earth Day at the Botanical Gardens since they were having a free admission day. But, apparently, the entire city of Denver had the same idea. When we got to the Botanical Gardens, there were lines and lines of cars waiting to park. All the nearby street parking was taken and there were crowds of people walking towards the facility. After a few insane minutes of looking for somewhere to park, we came to our senses and realized that we needed to find something else to do. That's when we drove home to eat lunch and assemble our new wagon!

After all that hard work of putting the wagon together, we thought we should take it for a spin at the Denver Zoo! Kaitlin kept telling us about the animals we were going to see. She said we would be seeing elephants, giraffes, monkeys and alligators! I wasn't sure she understood what the "zoo" was, but she proved me wrong.

Here are some pictures we took at the zoo:

....and my personal favorite:

Tuesday was also our official ultrasound at my doctor's office. We got to see the baby moving around! This ultrasound also confirmed that Peanut is a girl. I must say that the ultrasound pictures she gave us are not as good as the ones my friend George does, but for what it's worth........

The first one is Peanut with her chin tucked in ~ (maybe flipping us off? hahaha!)

The second picture is Peanut's profile with her hand by her nose:
Here's Peanut profile with her hand in her mouth..... awwwww...... can you see her little spine??
So, all in all, Tuesday was a great day! We enjoyed our new wagon, we had a fun time at the zoo, and we got a sneak peak at our little baby.

Life doesn't get any better than this. :-)

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Unkie Kyle said...

A chold of Brandon's flipping someone off? Say it isn't so!