Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Pumpkin Farm 2010

Last Saturday we made our annual trip to Anderson Farms with our friends Tara, Bronwyn and Hayden and the rest of their family. It was beautiful weather and a fun day! Here are some of the pictures we took ~

Brandon and the girls:

Riding the Barrel Train:
(Look at Brandon and Zoey squished into the car! Hahaha!)
Bronwyn and Kaitlin running to the next fun thing!
Checking out the Llamas:
Feeding the goats:
Navigating the maze with best-friend Bronwyn:
Milking the fake cow:
The three girls swinging in the tire swing:
On the ride out to the pumpkin patch we get to stop and feed the cows "candy".
The cow tongues freak the kids out! So funny! :)
Searching for "the perfect pumpkin":
Found it!
The Carnahans:
That'll be $12, ma'am. If it wasn't for Brandon, we'd still be lost in the corn maze. ;)
A fun time was had by all, and we are looking forward to next year's trip already!


mom/gramma pam! said...

random thoughts: zoey's face in itty bitty, brandon running through the maze in order to get home quicker for the football game, better weather this year than last year (i think it was really windy last year!), how come barb isn't having as much fun as the rest of the family (we don't really have any proof since there's no pictures!), kaitlin and bronwyn are growing up into a very cute BFF couple, that pumpkin is BIG, cow tongues freak me out, too!

i so love pictures and posts! please keep them coming and give hugs and kisses to all!

mom! said...

oh, yeah...two more random "thoughts": brandon's go-tee!, and barb's good side (and only picture!) love to all!

tara said...

that's the cow that got my seat all wet! yuck!!!

loving the shots you got! i'm going to finally blog our trip but it sounds a lot like yours!

Dad and Diane said...

Who doesn't love the corn maze???? The fall fun continues for the munchkins. It is great the weather is perfect for those outings. Cute pics of the kids -- nothing like a big wooden cow, no???