Friday, April 3, 2009

Quick Update

Dear Friends and Family,

The girls are doing well.
Zoey is enjoying her new love - FOOD. She loves rice cereal and mushy veggies. (mmm - baby food!) She's also learning the fine art of eating cherrios and Gerber Puffs!
Kaitlin practices her gymnastics every chance she gets. Her favorite is "the donkey" where two hands are on the floor and one foot is in the air. She also bounces (like the trampoline) and tries to do summersaults. It's very cute!

Brandon is slowly recovering from the recent news of Bronco quarterback Jay Cutler being traded to the Chicago Bears. Although a trade was not what Denver was hoping for, loyal fans are still optimistic for a winning season.

Brandon's work schedule will be changing soon, so I've been mentally preparing myself for that. While he's training his replacement, he'll be working 11am to 9pm. That means I will have a lot of juggling to do (kids, work, lunch, dinner, baths, etc!) for the next couple months. Luckily, the girls and I have a good routine on work days, so everything will be fine ~ just busier.

I'm going to post some updated pictures soon ~ I just have to take them! ;) Maybe we'll find something "bloggable" to do this weekend... we'll see....

Until then,


mom! said...

We always enjoy and appreciate any updates that you can give! Here's hoping all the best with the newest job venture!

tara said...

maybe you could just work less... that would be my reward to his schedule change!

let me know if you think of something bloggable to do... maybe we could join you! i have plenty to blog about... just can't find the time!