Monday, June 29, 2009

Vacation ~ (grand pam, hawkster, aunt karry and uncle steve)

Grand Pam and Hawkster met us at Aunt Karry and Uncle Steve's house Friday evening. Here are a few pictures highlighting the second half of our fun-filled vacation!

On Saturday Aunt Karry planned a big party! Lots of food and fun! She bought a small pool with lots of toys for the girls. She even bought them swimsuits! Kaitlin had a fun time filling the pool with Aunt Karry:

See the camper in the background? That's Aunt Karry and Uncle Steve's "summer home." They were nice enough to let us "camp out" in their driveway while we were there. We really enjoyed our stay - everything was perfect. ♥

Here's Lucky, the neighborhood's stray cat. He spent the day at Aunt Karry's party, too! What a friendly kitty!

This is a picture of the whole crew, minus Tristian (who left early to go to a baby shower) and Pam (the photographer.)
(L to R - Nate, Barb, Tom, Danielle, Uncle Steve, Brandon w/ Kaitlin, Aunt Karry, Zoey, Steve's Dad, Steve's Mom, Eddie)

On Sunday we went to Grandma and Grandpa Lux's house. Unfortunately I totally failed at taking pictures that day. Sad Pictures, Images and Photos
(Could be a good reason to return to Maryland soon... ???)
Here is one picture of the girls playing with some old toys that Brandon played with when he was a young: Despite my failed attempt at documenting the visit with pictures, we had a really fun time! Lunch was delicious and we had a great visit with Brandon's grandparents and his Aunt Tammy. Danielle and Nate also showed up and spent a few hours with us!

Monday was our day in Gettysburg, PA. First, we visited the campgrounds where Aunt Karry and Uncle Steve spend a lot of time. We had a picnic lunch and then Uncle Steve gave Brandon and me the grand tour while Aunt Karry took Kaitlin to the playground.

After the playground, Grand Pam and Hawkster bought Kaitlin an ice cream. (Daddy helped her finish it!)
After the ice cream, we went to the Gettysburg Museum and Visitor Center.
I once again failed at my picture-taking duties and ended up with only one picture of our time at the museum... Daddy teaching Zoey to walk. (Who makes it all the way to Pennsylvania and forgets to take pictures?! Me, I guess...) But, we thought the museum was a lot of fun! We learned a lot about the Civil War and saw a lot of neat things.
Thanks to everyone in Maryland for the fun vacation!

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tara said...

you make me want to take a vacation! and come on! if you're busy taking al lthe pictures, when do you get to have any fun?!?!