Wednesday, March 17, 2010


We officially live in a new home! So far, we absolutely love it!

As I type this, I'm sitting at the kitchen table with the warm sun on my back. I hate being cold so this warmth is like heaven. (Brandon on the other hand keeps saying we need to turn the A/C on!)

The girls have their own rooms, and have adjusted perfectly.

I ran my first load of laundry in our new front loading HE washer and the timer told me the load would take 107 minutes to wash!!! I need to play with the settings more and figure out how to get laundry done quicker. I know there's a way.

We love the giant pantry and all the cabinet space... now we just need more STUFF to fill it! Maybe a new set of mixing bowls is in order. ;)

I think Charlie is really homesick for the old house. But, Kasper checked out every nook and cranny and seems to be satisfied with the new digs.

All in all, everything's good! We're busy unpacking and organizing and making trip after trip to Target/Walmart/Lowe's to pick up things we need.

I'll post some pictures soon. ♥

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Dad and Diane said...

You sound so happy! Glad to hear the girls have adjusted to their very own bedrooms. We can't wait to see you & the new digs!