Sunday, April 18, 2010

Free Day at the Museum!

Today was FREE DAY at The Denver Museum of Nature and Science! As expected, a free day always draws a crowd, but it was fun nevertheless.
Here are a few pictures of our quick trip~

My little astronauts!
Puzzles are her favorite!The Silly Mirror!What's a Museum without a Dinosaur?? (Zoey was too scared to pose by the dino!)

In the children's area, they have a little stage area.
Kaitlin really liked the stage.... ;)


They say you learn something new everyday. Just the other day Kaitlin noticed that her purple Build-a-Bear (named Amethyst) had a jewel embroidered on her foot. She asked me a few times that day about the bear's name.

Today in the Gems and Mineral area of the museum, we saw a giant Amethyst! All of a sudden, it all clicked for Kaitlin ~ now she understands why the purple bear named Amethyst has a purple jewel! So cool! :)

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mom/grandpam! said...

so cute! looks like the girls had a super time!