Saturday, November 27, 2010

Preschool Field Trip #2 ~ The Urban Farm

Last Tuesday before Thanksgiving, Kaitlin's preschool class went on a field trip to The Urban Farm. It's a real, working farm located right here in the city!

They allowed younger siblings to join the preschool class, so that was an extra bonus for Zoey!

The girls had a great time! My dad was on vacation, so he was able to come with us too. "Farmer Donna" gave us a tour and taught us about the animals on her farm.
Here's a picture of Zoey petting a goat:

More goat petting: Grandpa and the girls:

Here's a picture of Kaitlin petting a chicken..
The lady in the yellow jacket is one of her teachers ~ Ms Christy. Farmer Donna is in the black jacket. Look at the mountains in the background. Beautiful!
More goats:

Grandpa and Zoey:

Farmer Donna showed the kids a chicken egg that was "still warm".

A REAL turkey! This was definitely my favorite part.

You know with Thanksgiving just two days away, the jokes were flying about this guy. ;)

Checkin' out the cows:

OH MAN! The size of these pigs was absolutely shocking!
The group picture:
..and a QUACK (quick) video. ;)
What a fun field trip!

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mom/gramma pam! said...

looks like there was plenty to "crow" about after this field trip! (btw, love zozo's hat--it adds character!)