Monday, February 28, 2011

Dreamsongs Concert ~ Starring Kaitlin!

Please enjoy the Dreamsongs Concert by Kaitlin!

"Dice Have Dreams"

"The Whole City Has Dreams"

"I Got Everything I Need"


Dad/Daideo said...

Great "stylings" by Kaitlin!!!!! A 'dreamy' performance for sure -- our own Hanna Montana. Will be looking for upload to the iPod on iTunes.

mcgee family said...

Now, *that* was entertaining! Hilarious! I love how she had to get her crown on in the last one!

gramma pam! said...

what a concert that was! i am sure that this is the last of the free concerts; you and brandon need to quit your day jobs and take that girl out on the road! nashville, here we come! hawkster wants to know if he saw kaitlin on american idol this week?!