Sunday, April 17, 2011

Basement - Week 2

After two weeks, the basement is fully framed and the rough inspection is complete. The drywall goes up tomorrow!

This picture shows the storage closet (on the left towards the back) and the bathroom on the right.

This picture looks toward the big room. It has been wired for a wall-mounted TV, surround sound, eight can lights, and two sconces. Should be pretty sweet. ;)
This looks back toward the bathroom area. The "mechanical closet" will be there on the left side.

This is another view of the big room. The area in the back is the crawl space. They are moving and widening the access door. They also cut a door for under the stair access.

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mom! said...

man, they are moving fast! can hardly wait to see these results! hugs and kisses to all....