Sunday, July 17, 2011

Catching Up!

Here's a picture of the two girls who keep us happy & busy!

We've had a fun summer so far!

On July 7th our little neice Brooklyn was born. What a sweet little girl ~

Here's a picture of the proud parents, Michael & Angelina:

A picture of the proudest Aunt (and cousins) EVER:

My baby holding my brother's baby:

Michael, glowing with pride:Uncle B and Auntie Barb:

RJ, a very proud big brother!

Isn't Brooklyn BEAUTIFUL??

Kaitlin started Kindergarten on the same day Brooklyn was born!

This is a picture of her teacher, Ms. Debbie:

(look, she's the only one listening! haha!)

Although it's hard to believe we have a Kindergartener already, we are super-excited to begin this new chapter!

Here are some super-cute photos of Zoey...

A few weeks ago, we found a fun Spray Park and had a splashy afternoon!

And, last but not least ~ swim lessons have started again!


Tim / Daideo said...

Wow...lots to comment on in the latest update. Uncle-dom, Aunt-dom, and Cousin-dom should be fun. Everyone looks really happy -- good luck to Michael. Cute foto's of the kids...nothing like a little summer fun. Just odd mixing it in with school for Kaitlin but glad all is well there. Zoey's next in the not-too-distant future. Continue to enjoy the summer and all of the outdoor stuff -- remember....HYDRATE!!!

mom/gramma pam! said...

thanks for the mega update! can hardly wait to get our hands on bo derek and little ms. attitude (that's zoey and her smile!) btw, will brandon ever graduate past the daddy and me swim lessons? ;)

mom/gramma pam! said...

just stopped by for another smile...excellent photo album!