Saturday, May 10, 2008

Officer Michael Nincehelser

Yesterday, my brother Michael graduated from the Aurora Police Academy! His training was six-months and included incredible amounts of physical training, classroom education and firearms training. During the graduation, they showed a brief video of what his class of 10 encountered during the academy. They showed the officers being tazed, being pepper-sprayed, and braving the gas chamber. They also showed the class at the shooting range and driving course. It was an interesting video and more intense than I imagined.

Michael was chosen as the class representative and gave a 7-minute speech during the graduation. He was also interviewed by a local news channel and was featured on the 9 o'clock news!

Friday evening we had a graduation party at Mike's house. About half the class came to the party to celebrate with Michael. It was fun to meet his classmates and to see everyone so excited about being Aurora Police officers. They were so proud of their accomplishment and spent most of the night flashing their newly-earned badges. ;)
Here are a couple pictures from the graduation, the reception, and the Michael's graduation party:

YAY, MICHAEL! We are so proud of you!


mom! said...

What a great day and what a great accomplishment! Please tell Michael how proud we are of him, too! The pictures are super! My fav is the one with you and Michael. You both are beaming!

mcgee family said...

Seriously, how cool is that!?! Good for him! (Does this mean you will get out of any future tickets..having a police officer in the family and all?) :)

Congrats to Mike. That is so awesome!

Dad & Diane said...

It was a full week of stuff...the walk (two walks), Michael, ballgame, counting, mother's day (happy day to you)-- well documented. Sounds like all else is well. Keep exercising -- stay healthy. Hug each other.

tara said...

Yea Mike! I can't say that I love every Aurora Police officer I've come in contact with... but I'm sure Mike will be good at the job! Mike's a big guy compared to his "buddies"... I sure would be intimidated!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Mike from Sgt Kimmel, USMC.