Monday, June 2, 2008

Graduation Week in Review! (Part 2)

Thursday morning we said our goodbyes to Gramma C, Daideo and Mimi as they headed off to the airport. Then, Brandon and Kaitlin went with me to my routine 26-week prenatal visit. The doctor was running "at least an hour" behind schedule, so I agreed to be seen by a Nurse Practitioner instead. As usual, the visit was very quick and uneventful. We heard the baby's heartbeat and the NP measured my growth. Everything seems to be right on schedule! The next appointment will be in about 4 weeks.

After the doctor's appointment, the three of us headed to Colorado Springs for yet another fun-filled day! We went with Grand Pam, Hawkster, Grandma and Grandpa Lux to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. What a FUN zoo! Most notably, we were able to feed the giraffe's! The zoo is nestled right in the mountain and is considered to be the most kid-friendly of all zoo's in the area. Kaitlin definitely had a fantastic time! Although we brought her wagon, I don't think she sat in it once after we entered the gate. She wanted to walk to make sure she didn't miss anything!

After the zoo, we went to Solos Restaurant for another graduation celebration for Kyle. This restaurant could rank as one of the most unique restaurants that I've ever eaten at. It's a fully intact Boeing KC-97 tanker attached to a restaurant. You can sit in either the actual airplane or the restaurant area. The restaurant is completely decorated with aviation history ~ what better setting for a party celebrating someone graduating from the Air Force Academy and heading off to flight school?

We got home late Thursday evening and then went back to Colorado Springs on Friday for a trip to Pike's Peak.

In my 29 years of living in Colorado, that is one place I've never been. We rode with Grand Pam and Hawkster to the top of the mountain. When we reached the top, we indulged in some fried dough - which is basically a donut ~ but much, much better. Grand Pam bought Kaitlin a bag of rocks from the gift shop which quickly became her obsession of the day. After Pike's Peak, we stopped in Manitou Springs for dinner and ice cream.

The whole week was a lot of fun. We really enjoyed spending time with everyone and we are so proud of Kyle's success. It's absolutely amazing how quickly four years passes. It seems like just yesterday we were riding the roller coaster with Kyle at Elitch Gardens before he headed off to the academy. Next, Kyle is off to Mississippi for flight school. Brandon and I will definitely miss having him so close by. I, personally, will miss Kyle exchanging a bottle of Captain Morgan for an overnight stay and access to our washer and dryer. Most recently, Kaitlin has grown very fond of "Unkie Kyle." She was even saying the other day how she was going to ask Unkie Kyle to fix her broken crayon. Kyle, you are welcome to stay with us and do laundry anytime. You even have reprieve from the Captain Morgan fee ~ at least until after the new baby is born... ;)

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