Sunday, September 28, 2008

Kyle's 15 Seconds of Fame...

We have yet another television star in the family!

Here's a short video clip of Kyle on the 5pm news in Columbus, MS. (For those that don't know, he's currently stationed at the Air Force Base in Columbus for flight school.)

Kyle and another officer helped out with an elementary school project in which the kids from Columbus did a teleconference with another elementary school in Virginia. Since it was their first time connecting, they wanted to show them all about Columbus, MS - which included the Air Force Base. Kyle told the kids all about the Columbus AFB and said the kids seemed in awe of the two guys in uniform. ;-)

(Kyle is the one on the right.)


mom! said...

Great opportunity for our public speaker! As a mother, I'm so proud! Especially when Kyle got elevated to Pilot status without even attending a flight class yet. I'm wondering if Kyle showed her his "pilot" wings? Jump wings...pilot wings...who can tell the difference!

Anonymous said...

I logged on to see some new pictures of the the babies and low and behold..... I saw a picture of a big baby!

Yes, A face only a mother could love!!!

Way to go Kyle!!

Luv, Aunt Karry