Thursday, January 29, 2009

Two (very quick) Videos!

Last weekend we took Kaitlin to a gymnastics birthday party for her friend Lilly. Here's a quick video of Kaitlin trying to do the hula hoop. (And, I'm not making fun because that's probably how I'd look if I tried to hula hoop too...hehehe!)

The next one is proof positive that Zoey undergoes tremendous amounts of "torture" and keeps on smilin'.


Melissa said...

The video's are too cute. Zoey looks just like Kaitlyn.

GrandPam! said...

What a big, toothless, grin Zoey has! She seems to be the happiest baby ever -- excluding Kaitlin, of course! My granddaughters are the cutest things ever!

Dad and Diane said...

First the hula skill....Nothing like the old college try. She was working it with a smile. What she lacked on the hula hoop, she has in spades as a big sister. That closeness will just grow and be fun to watch as they grow.