Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wii Are the Champions!

Where have wii been, you ask? Well, wii have been spending all of our time playing our new Nintendo Wii! Wii are having so much fun with it! Wii have been having friends and family over to help us break it in. Kyle has been in Colorado since the first of the year and wii have been occupying his wii-kends with crazy nieces and power bowling. My mom had a birthday on Tuesday, so wii threw a fabulous wii-birthday party! Wii are glad our friends George and Jorge were able to come down last wii-kend and spend the evening learning the ins and outs of wii-ing. Wii still need to get a few more games, but wii will wait a little while since wii are still having fun with the ones wii have. Next time you are at our house, wii expect you to join us in the fun!


mcgee family said...

WII are totally offended that you haven't asked us over to help break it in! are you worried that WII will kick your butt? that must be it...since WII are so much better at it...WII, after all, have had a lot more time to practice our mad WII skills!!!

funny! great post! (aren't they so much fun?!) WII think so too! :)LOL

Erin said...

Wii loved watching your "Wii Montage". Your family gets lots of style points for Bowling ;)

mom! said...

Another awesome job on the blog! Brandon has such a look of determination on his face (or is it just concentration?)

What a great family time investment!

tara said...

who knew you could play with a drink in your hand... much less, a child!?!?!

and why did "wii" get to come over and were not even asked to play!?!?!

Ange said...

Ooo Wii love the Wii!!! Our friends have one and I soo want one!