Monday, May 11, 2009

Bathroom: Before and After

We have been super-busy with our new bathroom remodel.
We hired our good friend Jordan to do the majority of the work. He layed new tile, installed the new sink, toilet, light fixtures and helped with lots of other details as well. He does excellent work!
Here are some before pictures:

And the after pictures:

I'm not sure the pictures do the new bathroom justice. Come over soon and see it for yourself! :)


mcgee family said...

YAY!! it looks great! can't wait to come and check it out in person!

tara said...

looks good! too bad i never got to see the "before" in person!

mom! said...

I'm on my way! Save a roll of TP for me so I can check out the new throne as well! The new bathroom looks fantastic! Great job to the "crew"!

Anonymous said...

Funny what a HUGE difference these modifications make in your everyday life! Nice work- it looks lighter, brighter, roomier =)

Dad and Diane said...

What an improvement! This should make doing the laundry much more fun too :-)