Friday, July 17, 2009

The Legend of The Pickup Fairy

"The Pickup Fairy is sort of a grouchy sprite who lives deep in the woods. Every night, she listens carefully to the world, and if she hears any small children saying things like, "I'm not picking up my toys" (or even worse, "You pick them up, Mommy!), she telephones the mother of that child and asks if she can come over. If the mom says yes, she arrives with a big patchwork sack and takes all the toys to her house for a week."

As many of you know, a lot of my infinite wisdom comes from reading parenting magazines and doing other online "research". This particular dose of "wisdom" came straight from the August issue of Parents magazine. It came at just the right time. Earlier in the afternoon I was trying to persuade Kaitlin to begin picking up her toys and the mess she and Zoey had created while I was working. It turned into me trying to convince her WHY she should pick up her toys - which ultimately failed. Toys still on the floor, I decided I'd wait until she was older to press the issue of cleaning up.... (after all - she's only two.)
THEN, like a miracle from Heaven, this article appeared on page 92. As we sat and ate dinner, I read Kaitlin the excerpt explaining how the Pickup Fairy worked. We talked about how she likes new toys to play with and how long a week is. You should have seen the way Kaitlin's eyes lit up!
That night she agreeably picked up every single toy. The magic of the Pickup Fairy has transformed our house! All we have to do is mention the Pickup Fairy and clean-up begins. In fact, after picking up all her toys the first night, she "called" all her friends on her play phone and asked if they had already picked up their toys. (Kaitlin was pleased to announce that Hailey had already picked up her toys and Bronwyn still had toys downstairs to pick up but was on her way to get it done right now.) She even called Grandma to tell her about the fairy and ask if she had picked up all the toys at her house.

Do I feel a little guilty for lying to her? Maybe. But, then I look around at the clean floor and picked up toys and figure that we should all enjoy the "magic" of childhood for as long as we can..... wink Pictures, Images and Photos


mcgee family said...
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mcgee family said...

OMG! i am SO busting out this Pickup Fairy thing! 'cause i can assure you that hailey lied when she talked to kaitlin when she called...she NEVER picks up her toys! it is a battle every time i ask! the pickup fairy just might have to make a stop at our house!

Ange said...

Love it!!!

tara said...

this story is too cute! don't feel bad for lying... whatever works!

Julie said...

LOL, that's a good idea!! Cute Story!

Andrea said...

I felt just like you! Just at the right time did I read the article on p. 92 and I've been using it ever since. I also make sure they know that Mommy is "friends" with the pick up fairy and than when they are especially messy and refusing to clean up, that Mommy has the power to also just call her up and tell her that I had enough and that she needs to come right at that night. I collect the toys in huge bags and put them where the kids can see them and the next morning they are gone. My children still believe it and I will use it as long as I can and I don't feel the least guilty about it :)Our pick up fairy also leaves letters about what she didn't like hearing or seeing and how long she will keep the toys.