Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What I didn't take pictures of this Christmas...

Here are some things I didn't take pictures of this Christmas...

~ bowling with the girls on Christmas Eve.
~ Kaitlin's new bowling move - "The Running Start" where she places the ball on the ramp, takes about 10 steps backwards and then runs toward the ball on the ramp and pushes it. Does it work? haha... no. But it's damn funny to watch!
~ Zoey copying Kaitlin's "Running Start" move. Even more hillarious!

~ taking the girls to the Children's Mass on Christmas Eve. Believe it or not, the girls were actually pretty well behaved. Okay, Zoey napped during most of it, but even when they were awake, our girls were WAAAAAAY better than the kids in front of us! :)

~tracking Santa on Norad.
~when Kaitlin saw Santa on the computer, she jumped up with such joy and exclaimed, "IT'S REAL!" Of course it's real, silly.
~about 11:20pm, Brandon and I decided to check Norad one last time. Since Santa was in New Mexico, we knew he was close. 12 minutes later he was delivering gifts to the Denver Metro Area! We watched as he finished his rounds and then headed to Wyoming. Believe it or not, right after Norad said Santa was leaving Denver, Charlie jumped off the couch and went outside to do his "bark at nothing" routine. Maybe.... just maybe..... he was barking at Santa's sleigh.

~ putting out Cookies and Milk for Santa. Sometimes you just have to step back and enjoy the magic of the moment instead of trying to get the perfect pose. Jus' sayin'.

~the tree with all the gifts after Santa dropped his loot. I simply forgot...

~Skype-ing on Christmas morning. (How do you take a picture of a Skype session, anyways?) We are very thankful that Skype's technology has allowed us to "spend Christmas" with our out-of-town family. We may not get to spend the entire day with them, but being able to open presents together is totally awesome!

~the unbelievable MOUNTAIN of presents under the tree after everyone arrived at our house. We had my parents, Aunt Louise, Kevin, Michael, Angelina, RJ, and Angelina's parents over. There were just too many gifts!

~Our little nephew RJ telling us that he "heard" Santa last night. You should have seen his eyes light up! He said he heard Santa's jingle bells, the noise on the rooftop, and he even heard Santa shout "ho-ho-ho!" (nice one, Mike!)

~the endless cooking. It's no secret that we make a lot of food every year, but for some reason, this year it seemed like standing in the kitchen is ALL we did ALL day. We had 2 turkeys and a ham and all the trimmings. Next year, my plan is to do something simple. There's no reason to be basting a turkey when ya should be visiting with an aunt or playing Hungry Hungry Hippos with the kids.

~the "My Auntie Barb Loves Me" onesie that I designed and gifted to Baby Nince on Christmas. I can't WAIT to get my hands on that lil' baby! Hurry up July 14th~!! ;)

~The girls and RJ playing....and playing....and playing....and playing....and playing...... until the very last minute. The energy of kids is absolutely amazing. One day I'm going to figure out how to bottle the energy and SELL it to adults. I'm going to be rich... just wait and see. ;)

~the whole crew. I meant to get big family photo of everyone, but unfortunately it didn't happen. Next year.

We truly had a great Christmas and hope everyone else did too! :)


mom! said...

AWESOME! I can just picture everyone of the events that you described-PRICELESS! Glad Christmas was a blast for all this year. We soooooo enjoyed Skype-ing our gift opening, too! Happy New Year to you all! (what about the Pam Jr. onesie---i'm just say...)

tara said...

it sure is hard to even remember getting it all. although you had better not be making fun of me for getting my kids leaving milk and cookies for santa and again when they found them eaten in the morning! ;) but you do a lot of fun stuff and sometimes it is just way easier to enjoy every minute without a camera in your face!

mcgee family said...

i loved this post! i agree...sometimes it is nice to just enjoy the moments, and not worry about getting just the right pose! as i get older, my memory fails more and more...and, it sure is nice to have those photos to look back on to help me remember and re-live all those special moments!

Dad / Tim said...

The four of you had a full holiday for sure......lots of places to be and with a multitude of interactions to balance. It just gets bigger as the kids grow. Next year Zoey will really get it so that she and Kaitlin joining forces will be to Santa's exhaustion. We look forward to being a witness to that!!! Happy New Year from us.