Monday, January 10, 2011


We were snowed-in on Sunday and the girls had a bunch of energy that needed burning. So, we put our snow-gear on and headed outside.

After the "work" was done, it was time to play.
First, they made snow angels. (I'm not sure what Charlie is making..haha!)
Then, it was time to get out the sled. After a few rounds, we decided that we need to train Charlie to be a sled dog!

After all the snowy fun, we came inside to make hot chocolate. As you can see, it went over well. ;)


gramma pam! said...

awesome pics! i chuckled at brandon laying in the snow making a snow angel (or was he just taking a nap after the shoveling?) the girls make great "snow bunnie" and hawkster loves the pic of kaitlin enjoying her hot cocoa!

Dad / Tim said...

Even shoveling can be fun, no? I was a bit worried in the picture sequence....Brandon shoveling with the girls watching. Brandon on the ground with the girls watching (did he collapse?).
Obviously recovered to be the human dog-sled -- where was Charlie for that one?