Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Basement - FINISHED!

It's hard to believe the basement is already done! Looking back, the process was pretty quick. Although I miss the noise and the company of the guys working in the basement during the day, I am glad all the dust and construction are behind us!

......And honestly, we are so excited to have a new spot to play Duck, Duck, Goose. ;)

Here is a picture of the bathroom:

This is the living room with a brand-new super-comfy futon:

This is the extra room by the storage closet:

This picture looks back toward the bathroom and extra room:

And another pic of the living area and futon.

We're looking forward to having lots and lots of visitors! Make your reservations now! ;)


Diane/Mimi said...

We may never leave! Seriously, outstanding job - it looks great!

mom/gramma pam! said...

so impressive! wonder how long before the girls take over the space?! we're in for august, mark the whole month! can hardly wait to live in the basement (hmmm, maybe we'll never leave!) love and kisses and hugs to all!

Tim / Daideo said...

Just getting caught up...Looks terrific and very 'Zen'-- and I am sure in a Feng Shui sort of way. Has to be a relief from a project management perspective.
Congrats on a great result.

tara said...

looks great! can i make a reservation too... it looks much cleaner than my house right now! ;)