Sunday, May 1, 2011

Basement - Week 4

Here we are in the homestretch!

Last week they textured and primed the drywall. It's kind of a slow process due to the drying time. This week they'll start on the painting, the trim and the tile.

The bathroom will have travertine tiles and will be painted in the color "Bucket".
The rest of the basement will be painted in "Lorette".


Diane/Mimi said...

Travertine! I like! But, I must admit, I have no idea what colors "Bucket" or "Lorette" are.

mom! said...

awesome job!

Tim / Daideo said...

It is really coming along....must be exciting. I'll leave the color choices alone -- no idea at this end. That extra space will gobbled up as living space quickly for sure.