Friday, November 16, 2007

"Ello? Ello?"

Where's the video camera when you need it?

Tonight at dinner Kaitlin was eating macaroni and cheese and towards the end of the meal she started putting the macaroni's up to her ear saying "ello?" "ello?" Silly girl, she was acting like the little macaroni's were a telephone!!! hahaha.... I wonder who was on the other end.

Later tonight when Kaitlin was drinking her milk before bed, we were goofing around and giving "sips" of milk to Charlie and Kasper and even the animals in her farm book. Every time she would put the sippy cup to someone's mouth, I would make sipping sounds and then say, "MMMMmmmm, tasty!!" Pretty soon she was saying, "MMMmmmmm, Pasty!" hahahaha! It was hillarious! Yep, that milk sure is pasty....

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