Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Switched at Birth?

Oh-no! I think we may have the wrong daughter!

This girl does not like to eat! I'm not sure what happened, but someone out there has a little 15-month old daughter scarfing down everything in sight and they cannot figure out where she got her appetite! Meanwhile, it is a daily struggle for us to try to get Kaitlin to eat. As hard as we try, she just doesn't cooperate. Some days are better than others. But more often than not, the majority of her meal goes untouched.
The only foods we can count on her eating 99% of the time are: cottage cheese, applesauce, cheddar cheese and cooked carrots. Everything else is a gamble.... maybe she will, maybe she won't. It just depends on the mood she's in.
Anyone who knows us knows that Brandon and I have HUGE appetites. (Well, I could out-eat him any day, but that's beside the point) We were really hoping that as Kaitlin got more teeth, the items on her menu would increase as well as her appetite. Unfortunately it hasn't happened and she has 8, almost 9 teeth!
Brandon is a picky eater.. but no where near as picky as she is. They are picky about different things, too... for example, Kaitlin eats tomatoes and Brandon will not go near them.

Well, as cute as she is, I hope she is in fact our daughter. I'm not sure what else to do but keep trying. Maybe writing this blog will change our luck for the better! The good news is that she's a happy, healthy little girl and seems to be thriving in many areas. So somehow, she's getting what she needs. I have to remind myself that her tummy is much smaller than ours and experts always say 6 small meals per day is actually the ideal way to eat...

And, hey, on the bright side, she does like chocolate! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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tara said...

Maybe Kaitlin just sees how much weight her mommy has lost and thinks she looks great and wants to be a skinny-minny just like her!!!