Wednesday, February 6, 2008

How to Eat an Ice Cream Cone

We took Kaitlin to Red Robin last night! To our surprise - it was Kid's Night! If you are wondering what Kid's Night entails, it's the big Red Robin bird going from table to table waving at all the kids followed by an ice cream cone after dinner.

As usual, our little food-waster didn't eat much of her dinner, but we let her enjoy her ice cream cone anyways. She actually did really well holding the cone and keeping the mess to a minimum. Of course, Daddy was right there willing to lick up any ice cream that had the potential of going astray....

After watching Kaitlin eat her ice cream, I'm convinced that she could teach How to Eat Ice Cream 101.

For example, sometimes it's fun to eat it sideways:

Sometimes it's fun to just bite right into the cone:

Sometimes it's fun to eat it with your fingers:

Sometimes it's fun to enjoy it with your eyes closed:

And sometimes it's fun to share your ice cream with friends:

We had so much fun watching Kaitlin eat her ice cream! And, she was in a really great mood last night, so that meant no tantrums and a hassle-free dinner. Ah, the joys of parenthood! ♥


Mom/Grand Pam said...

As that famous singer once said "...whatever gets you through the night, oh yeah..." As always, thanks for sharing. I so miss not being around more!

Diane & Tim said...

We can't wait to introduce Kaitlin to Haagen Dazs!


LOL! funny!! :)