Friday, February 8, 2008

Upromise - DO IT!

If someone was offering you money, and all you had to do was ask for it, would you?

Well, this website I found is doing just that! It's called Upromise.

If you are not signed up, you MUST sign up today!

Basically, it's a college savings program. You sign up by entering your credit card number and it automatically tracks your qualifying purchases for you. You can designate who you would like your college fund to go to. You can allocate your earnings to anyone at any percentage, and you can change it at anytime. The only catch is that whatever is earned through this program must be used for some college-related expense. (But, is that really a catch?!)

It's definitely not a get rich quick scheme, as we've been doing it for almost a year and have earned about $40. But, that's $40 that we didn't have to do anything for! Basically everytime we make a qualifying purchase, it sends me an email saying "You've earned $$$ by eating at Bennigan's!"

Some restaurants will reward you with 8% of your purchase! Just going out to dinner costs about $30. If we get 8% of that back, that's $2.40 for Kaitlin's college. And, all we had to do was eat!!

If you EVER shop online at Old Navy, Kohls, Ebay, Zappos, Target, or Gap, you can earn about 2-5% of your purchase! You can even earn rewards for shoping in-store at stores like Bed Bath and Beyond, Eddie Bauer, GNC, and Sharper Image. There are many restaurants that offer rewards, too. In our area, most are little mom and pop places, but if you go to the website you can enter your zip code and see what is available. You can earn rewards for anything from buying flowers to booking a rental car to doing your taxes.

Really, I would not lead my friends and family astray. Please believe me when I say this is a good deal. It's free money, and it's out there for the taking. I am not saying that you should contribute your reward dollars to Kaitlin (although they would be very much appreciated!) but there is no reason not to be getting this FREE money. If anything, just sign yourself up and take a college course. Maybe Upromise can help you buy the book?

Sign up today before you make one more purchase!!!

DO IT!!!!!

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