Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Baby's First Haircut

*sob* My baby is growing up too fast!

Today we took Kaitlin to get her very first haircut!

We took her to LOLLILOCKS, a fun child-oriented salon. Instead of sitting in a normal barber chair, she got to sit on a pink elephant! How fun! (We may need to get one of those here at home so she'll sit still while I'm trying to do her hair, hahaha!)

chop, chop...
snip, snip...
trim, trim....

...a little style....
(add pig-tails, a little hair glitter, and some butterflies...)

and wha-la ~

true beauty!

Some before and after shots:



All the baby curls are gone now.. *sob*
But, her hair looks super-cute!
As hard as it is to see her growing up, I'm glad we did it ~ a true milestone, indeed!


Dad and Diane said...

Just love the new look she is sporting!

mcgee family said...

awww... her hair looks so cute! we love lollilocks!

tara said...

that's perfect! nice and maintained!