Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fun, Fun!

Between prepping for the new baby and handling our usual daily duties, we've been able to squeeze in a little fun, too!

Last Sunday we took Kaitlin to get her two-year portraits taken. Here are a couple of my favorite poses (Brandon and I hopped in for a couple, too!):

On Friday, Brandon took Kaitlin outside to have even more fun with one of her blow-up pools!

Yesterday morning we played with some Play-Doh Kaitlin got for her birthday! (And, yes, she's the one who insisted on wearing three mis-matched hairbows in her hair. Sometimes you have to choose your battles.... hahaha...)

Sunday afternoon I took Kaitlin to the zoo! It was fun mommy-daughter time for sure. Kaitlin had a lot of fun looking at all animals! I think her favorite was the Tropical Discovery house. She spent a lot of time watching the bats in the bat cave, searching for a crocodile and pointing out the "Dory and Nemo" fish.

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mom! said...

I beg your pardon, but her bows seem to match her outfit just fine! She inherited her father's fashion sense: plaids and stripes do go together! Awesome job with the family photos and two-year old pictures!