Sunday, August 31, 2008

Nothin' Yet...

For anyone checking our blog for Peanut Lee updates, please rest assured that there's no news to report.
She seems to be very content in there and has not given me any reason to believe she's planning her arrival anytime soon. :-(

Her official due date is Sept 4th... (but sooner would be better for this uncomfortable, impatient mama!)

In the meantime, please send some labor vibes this way....... after all, it is LABOR day weekend. ;-)


tara said...

she'll be here beofre you know it! and with two... you just might wish she would've staying in longer! lol! let me know if you need anything! i'd love to help out with kaitlin!

Mom! said...

HANG IN THERE, BABY! Oops, no pun intended, I'm meant you, not Peanut Sara Lee!