Monday, August 18, 2008


Apparently everyone knew about this but me...
(but, then, I guess that's the point of a surprise party... hehe

My good friends Lisa and Tara threw a surprise baby shower for me on Sunday!

What a special surprise!

A lot of my good friends were in on the surprise, and of course, so were my parents and Brandon. My parents offered to babysit Kaitlin Sunday afternoon so Brandon and I could get out alone. Brandon insisted that we go to the 12:15 showing of Hancock at the Movie Tavern. While I sat back and enjoyed lunch and the movie, I had no idea what was going on at home!

Just when the movie was over and the credits started to roll, my mom called and asked if we could come home because Kaitlin was sick and the mess needed to be cleaned up. I asked Brandon to get us home quickly because I didn't want the mess to get worse...

Then, I walked in the door...

It took a minute to get over the initial shock and disbelief that something like this could be pulled off without my knowledge! Photobucket

♥ The party was wonderful! ♥

All the decorations were beautiful...

...the food was yummy...

and most importantly, the company was perfect!

Just saying THANK YOU to all my friends and family who made this happen doesn't quite cover it. It's been fun hearing about how it was all put together behind my back. Appearantly the internet is a pretty powerful tool! (I wonder how people planned surprise parties before MySpace, Evite, email and cell phones!)

The party really made me feel special. ♥ I truly have some great friends!

I appreciate everyone who showed up to celebrate our second baby! It was a nice reminder that even though she's second, she's still important.

now.... if she could just come out so we can meet her!!!!


mom! said...

How wonderful! Hope you and Sara had a wonderful time! You look awesome!

tara said...

anyhting for a special friend! glad you're not too nosey and we pulled it off! i'll stop stalking brandon now too!