Friday, October 24, 2008

Halloween Party @ Preschool

We signed Kaitlin up for a couple parent/tot preschool classes this fall. Today was our first class. It was actually a Halloween party and all the kids were asked to wear their Halloween costumes.

Last night before Kaitlin went to bed, I told her about our plans to go to a Halloween party in the morning. I asked her to remind us about the Halloween party when she woke up. Umm.... funny.... she come into our room at 4:00 AM shouting, "Mommy, Daddy... Halloween Party! Time to eat breakfast!"
(Luckily for us, the class did not start that early!!!)

Here are some pictures from the class:


(BRANDON said it - not me......)

at least her eye matches her costume. Photobucket

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mom! said...

PRESCHOOL! They grow up so quickly...I'm glad to see that you finally realized that it was time...for BRANDON to go to preschool:)