Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jack-o-Lantern 2008

Follow these easy steps to carve the perfect pumpkin!

Step 1. Remove all pumpkin goo

Step 2. Place pumpkin in yard and find a cute baby; take lots of photos

Step 3. Help Daddy with the details

Step 4. Admire perfection


Melissa said...

Love the step by step instructions. Very cute pictures.

mom! said...

You should have had a hidden recorder somewhere on the porch...my guess is Brandon had some pretty funny stuff to say while following your step-by-step directions (he usually does!) Happy Halloween's Eve to you all!

tara said...

i love your pumpkin zoey! too bad she can't go trick-or-treating in that!

Dad and Diane said...

Nice project. You forget Zoey's size until she fits into the pumpkin. Very cute. Kaitlin looks like she has a real interest in the project -- already supervising. Nice pics.