Sunday, November 9, 2008

Diet Soda Cake

Another SIMPLE recipe!

1 box cake mix
1 can diet soda

Mix diet soda into cake mix and bake as directed.

We made cupcakes using this recipe and they were YUMMY! Replacing the eggs, oil, water, etc. with diet soda adds no additional calories to the cake mix, but you still end up with a light and moist cake!

I used yellow cake mix and diet Sprite. (I think clear-ish sodas are best for yellow and white cakes and dark sodas are best for chocolate cake and brownies.) I still plan on experimenting with different flavored sodas and different flavored cake mixes.

And of course, I'll need help eating all this cake.....

anyone want to come over for dessert???? :)


Melissa said...

Wow, I never knew this. I'll have to try this. Yes, I'll be over tonight. I'll hope on the next flight out! I'll bill you the cost ;)

Elainaryan9 said...

Seriously, this works? Wow, I'll have to try it! Thanks Barb Stewart!!!