Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Zoey's Ears

Best news EVER ~ we took Zoey to the audiologist today and they confirmed that she has 100% hearing in both ears! Her right ear failed the initial hearing test they do in the hospital. The doctors say it's common for infants to fail the test, but most of the time, the follow-up testing proves that everything is okay. Luckily, that was true for us! What a relief!

According to the audiologist, babies can fail the test in the hospital if they have fluid remaining in their ear or if they are too awake during the screening. Who knows what happened with Zoey ~ but at least we know she can hear us! We are so HaPpY!

We decided to celebrate Zoey's perfect ears by piercing them! After leaving the audiologist, we took her to Cherry Creek Mall. Here's the video....
I know it looks really sad, but she really didn't cry that long. In fact, this evening she's nothing but smiles again!

Isn't she pretty??

P.S. Yay us! Zoey is sleeping thru the night now! If tonight goes as planned, it will be the sixth night in a row! I think we're on a roll... Yippee!!!

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Shar said...

Thats awesome about the hearing test! yay!! ooohhh...little sweetie!! she has some lungs on her ;)!! She looks so pretty with her ears pierced :)

tara said...

awww.... she's beautiful!!! did you cry too... maybe a little tear??? i did when i pierced bronwyn! and that's fabulous news to celebrate... zoey... can you hear me now!?!?!

Grand Pam! said...

I love hearing Brandon in the background comforting Zoey with "that didn't hurt, did it?" I was so waiting to hear Zoey's reply....WAAAAAAAA!

Congrats on passing the hearing test. What a relief for all!

Dad and Diane said...

WOW....couldn't make it through the Zoey piercing. YIKES!
She is a cutie for sure.