Sunday, November 23, 2008

More pictures!

Last Wednesday the weather was beautiful so the girls and I made our last trip to the zoo for the year. We joined our friends Tara and Bronwyn. Kaitlin LOVES her friend Bronwyn and gets super-excited when I tell her that they have a playdate scheduled!

Here at home I took a couple cute pictures of Baby Zoey and Charlie....

Remember the ones I took of Kaitlin and Charlie two years ago?

AND........ a couple more pictures!

AND..... a video! (Kaitlin sings to Zoey again):


Shar said...

OMG!! This is sooo cute!!!! :) And i love the green cow outfit! so precious!!

tara said...

super cutie pictures! i love them all! the 2nd one with zoey and charlie is my favorite!

Grand Pam! said...

Move over, Mariah! Take a backseat, Beyonce! And Madonna, let's talk about "retirement" ... because a new star is ready to take over! Get ready for K-Lyn C aka KC...she's taking Denver by storm (snow, that is!) and is just waiting to conquer the world!

Dad and Diane said...

What a keepsake that video is. Especially impressive is Kaitlin's big finish.
The kids and Charlie will be a highlite in Charlies photo album for sure.