Thursday, December 6, 2007

One Heckuva Ordinary Week!

This has been a really tough week to blog about! Everything has been so ordinary and so routine!

~On Sunday, we spent the day Christmas shopping and watching the Broncos.

~On Monday, we had pizza for dinner.

~On Tuesday, we took Kaitlin in for her holiday photos and met Grandma and Grandpa Nincey for dinner.

~On Wednesday, Brandon watched Happy Feet with Kaitlin before her nap and later we went to the dog park for a walk.

~This morning Brandon took Kaitlin to the park to play on the equipment. She had macaroni and cheese for dinner.

~Tomorrow is Friday. We don't have any real plans yet except the same old ordinary routine things. I have to make a trip to the office in the morning and Brandon will be working his regular shift - 2pm to midnight.

~This weekend we are going to a surprise birthday party for a friend, putting up our Christmas tree, and we might try to squeeze in a trip to Zoolights depending on the weather. Of course, this time of year there is always Christmas shopping that needs to be done and we still need to take Kaitlin to see Santa.

Most people would say there's nothing wrong with having an "ordinary" week... I have to agree ~ even if it does make blogging hard! hahaha!

P.S. Big thanks to everyone for leaving gifts under our pretend tree! Keep them coming! :)

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I didn't know there were "ordinary weeks" with a toddler...isn't everything exciting with a 16 month old? But, definitely nothing wrong with an ordinary week!! Sure beats the unordinary!!